Single Reviews: 23 June 2022: Quade, Gurf, Play Dead, Zueva, Sigmund Faust

Photo by Athena

Quade - Spiral

art rock

A single in two parts, "Spiral" by Bristol four-piece art-rock outfit Quade is a mysterious musical endeavour, combining post-rock, neoclassical, and spoken word. The tense mood builds and is released by mourning strings and shifts in rhythms, but the sinister feeling it creates lingers long after the track(s) finish. 


This pleasantly twisted cut of raw and experimental metal is bound to get your blood moving. From Brighton, Gurf make strangely funky instrumental metal in the vein of Primus, but the instrumental nature makes it a more intense listen; the manipulated guitars and powerhouse drums are worth a thousand words. 


From South London, Play Dead sing about the pains of a bad chop on "Barbershop". With sharp playing and a bucket of attitude, the group deliver a sharp blast of observational punk in under two minutes. "Don't you dare, fuck up my hair.", wouldn't it be great if we all dared to say this to our barbers? 


Zueva is a singer from Oslo and a purveyor of sultry and impeccably produced electronic pop. Her latest single, "Heather", creates an urban vibe through atmospheric drums and reverb-laden vocals. There are also some humorous lyrics ("Your feelings always come alive when you're on a bender, maybe because you're a guy, don't want to blame a gender.") which, when sung in Zueva's Nordic accent, become impossible not to like. 


Sigmund Faust is an alternative rock musician from Berlin, and his latest single, "March Sweet Blunder", switches between sophisticated indie rock and more raucous garage notions. The intellectual composition has shades of Alt-J and Interpol, but the vague lyrics make any meaning challenging to pick up on; enjoyable tune all the same.