Single Reviews - 13 September 2022 - Cypher - Oisin Mod - Ivory Fields - Sorcha Richardson - Victor Bomì

Cypher is a collaboration between artists arad acid, exael, mu tate & a special guest DJ. Environmental electronica is the order of the day on this sterling cut from the upcoming album "APPX​:​10 Glasgow". Glitchy drums softly spread across the mix like thin strokes on a canvas of warbling synths and other enticing sonic splutters. 

Oisin Mod - Honeycomb

indie pop 

"Shalalala" sings Galwegian Oisin Mod on his recent single "Honeycomb", hinting at a pop sensibility in this arty but accessible song. Mod sets a soothing atmosphere a la Cigarettes after Sex with reverb-soaked and softly delivered vocals, moody guitars, and dry percussion. The lifting melody has a certain romantic charm that makes it an ideal track for hanging out in bed with a lover. From the debut album "Honeycomb".


The Californian sun has given Ivory Fields some seriously cool inspiration, and "As If", the first single from their upcoming self-titled album, is a bleach-clean psychedelic pop triumph that can get you swaying as it transports you to some dreamy, exotic dancefloor. 

pop rock

From her upcoming second album Smiling Like an Idiot, "Shark Eyes" by Sorcha Richardson is an autumnal pop rock track delivered in style and laden with cozy melodies, neon synths, and undulating drums that capture a poignant yet hard-to-describe feeling.


Real mood propels this atmospheric track from Italian producer Victor Bomì. "Capgras" doesn't change much in tempo or style for its four-something minutes. Instead, it slowly bubbles, producing some nice moments as the narrative melody merges with the spacey drums.