Dday One - Mau Propria (Album Review)

There are many aspects of this album to appreciate, from the well-selected and chopped spoken world samples, to the eloquent sense of space created in the mix, Manu Propria is an enchanting listen from start to finish. After a pleasant opener, 'Total Mosaic' has a thoughtful drum and piano pattern play canvas to a sultry and repetitive sax salvo. Moments Avec Toi makes the loops warm with some alluring tape hiss, the tightness of the production, musical sensibilities, and exploratory nature lifting the album miles above the modern deluge of 'lo-fi study beats'. 

The quality doesn't let up across the ten tracks, with 'So Goes The Dream' being a beat-heavy and pretty number reminiscent of some of DJ Shadow's better moments. Pixel Hunting, my personal favourite, is a cleverly assembled and somewhat forlorn rumination on a familiar piano line, the track decorated with electronic flourishes that keep the ear intrigued from start to finish. Closing track 'Living Memory' does a good job of encompassing what came before it, and wraps the album up nicely. A great collection for zoning out to.