Formations by Sunhaus (Album Review)

Sergiu Celibidache once described time as a 'condition' by which 'the multitude of information contained in sound can be reduced to a unity.' On Formations by Sunhaus, the tracks seemingly escape from the chains of tempo, smearing notes, and musical voices across a spectrum of electronics and glitches. 

If one wishes to hear bars or coherent musical ideas here, they will be a long time looking. Melody is abandoned for texture, and even repetition is cast aside. On Maneuvers Sunhaus teases the comfort of repetition with capricious textures that seem to be following some pattern, but are not. This approach gives a lot of space to the tracks, affording the listener an experience in which their own thoughts and feelings are given license to meander. 

Even though coherent musical ideas are few and far between, a sense of buoyancy and eudaimonia permeates the album. A good album to play while working on something that requires focus.


Sunhaus - Formations (Album Review)
Reviewed by Jay Honeycomb on February 13th 2022
Rating: 3.5