Love and Everything Depressing by Disco Puppet (Album Review)

The fragility of humanity can be a frightening concept to process. Contemplating your inevitable expiration certainly doesn't put you in a chirpy mood. Things happen; freak accidents, unavoidable situations, and the deterioration of health, both physical and mental are just some of the roadworks that can pop-up on our paths. We have two choices when faced with the dilemma of our precarious life. The first option is to try to fight it by spending longer in the gym, cutting out sweets and cigarettes, and staying inside all day to avoid any dangerous situations. The second option is to accept our fate as dying sacks of bones and blood, and get on with our day. On "Love and Everything Depressing", Bangalore musician Disco Puppet accepts his human fate by exploring the complicated emotions that come with such acceptance, using a sweet nylon string guitar, soothing vocals and mysterious songs that change and bend as they move forward. After discovering they suffered from tinnitus, Disco Puppet, real name Shoumik Biswas, found that most sounds disturbed his now sensitive hearing. One instrument he could tolerate was the nylon string guitar, and he he utilizes that instrument's earthy tones to maximum effect. The album is decorated with odd instruments without; like the finger piano on "Change is Good" and the capricious electronics on "Speak Low", but the main driving forces are the guitar, vocals and the songs themselves. 

Love and Everything Depressing (Album Review)
Reviewed by Jay Honeycomb on May 19th 2022
Rating: 3.5