Managers by Oblivz (EP Review)


Review by Liam Birch

Oblivs are an indie-rock duo of Charlie Wilmoth and Andrew Slater, who also play in the band Fox Japan. The five songs across their latest EP "Managers" showcase an exciting immediacy and originality.

"Up in the Air" sees a synth-sheened veneer superimposed over a confident, strutting beat, further electrified by the thumping bassline which underpins the dystopian cityscape. The opening riff of "Dr. Y", with its angular chromaticism and bass doubling, is an immediate departure from the softer, ethereal vibes of the opening track. The aggressive disco drum beat drives this narratively strong number, with the sing-songy repetition of the refrain creating a swirling auditory sensation. The lamenting march of "Out of Time" is a marked departure from the high energy of the first two numbers – but a welcome one. The eerie, pristine sound of the church organ yields an intriguing guile. "It’s Nice To See Your Face Again" perhaps displays the scarcest instrumentation on the EP, with the level of digital processing on the lead vocal contributing to a kind of sci-fi dystopia – and indeed the lyrical content and thematic developments do match. This track is sweet and sombre, giving it a much more balladic feel than the other tracks. On "Coronet", a muddy guitar riff populates the track with sonic beauty, creating an intriguingly antiphonal texture with the lead vocal. It closes the album very aptly, with elements recalled from various previous tracks before fading out into nothingness. 

"Managers" is an energizing listen that manages to coolly rock out to themes of dystopia. 


1. Up in the Air 04:35
2. Dr. Y 03:14
3. Out of Time 04:18
4. It's Nice to See Your Face Again 03:13
5. Coronet 03:05

Manager - Oblivs (EP Review)
Reviewed by Liam Birch  on 2022-06-11
Rating: 3.5