Rachel Sermanni - Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea (EP Review)

In 2015, professor Mark Hamilton from the University of Connecticut published a paper titled "Astrology as a culturally transmitted heuristic scheme for understanding seasonality effects: a response to Genovese (2014)". It put forward that our zodiac signs are just a handy way for us to remember and quickly recall information based on the effects of the phenomena of seasonality of birth. Perhaps that could explain the aquatic and intense themes in Scorpio Rachel Sermanni's recent four-track EP "Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea". Scorpios are known for their depth, secrecy, intensity, and passion, and while culturally they are somewhat notorious, Sermanni exemplifies their sweeter, loyal and boundlessly loving side. 

The Scottish songsmith spins folky yarns on "Aquarium Kisses" ("Those moments were the moments I came to know you, they're the moments I will hold when I let go of the days."), low-light indie on the fetching "Soak Me" and sheer poetry on the melodically rich "Silk Dart" ("I wait for the milk of the moon clouds to part"). The title and closing track, "Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea", is splendiferous in its sparsity. Save for occasional vocal harmonies, it's just Rachel and her guitar, leading the listener into deeper waters.  

Whether or not you dismiss astrology as a load of codswallop, there's no denying that Sermanni is a powerful entertainer. "Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea" is a strong and complete statement for being just over a quarter of an hour, and there's hardly an insincere moment to be found. From the shimmering brightness of Aquarium Kisses to the ocean floor serenity of "Every Swimming Pool...", Sermanni entices in typical Scorpio fashion.