Nadia Kamrath - Confessions (EP Review)

Being fragile in a world where stoicism is seen as the highest virtue is difficult. We are often forced to harden our soft inner nature to better fit society's hard edges. And while fragile people can be beacons of light in our cruel world, showing us all the precious yet easily breakable nature of human emotions, narcissistic people can fake fragility for their own gain, manipulating more compassionate souls. Nadia Kamrath is not a narcissist. Instead, the American singer-songwriter displays her gentle soul through music, a medium that is impossible to use as a mask. Her recent EP, "Confessions", showcases a genuine depth and understanding through spiderweb-thin songs that explore love, self-discovery, and an unpretentious appreciation of beauty. 

Kamrath's vocals, as delicate as eggshells, could be compared to Phoebe Bridgers. Both singers inject character and style into their intimate singing, yet something about Kamrath, with her country-twinged heartbreak, seems more sincere than the performative Bridgers. The low-light indie of the title track, "James", and "Seven Steps Behind You", give the depth necessary for more ebullient tracks, "Feel This Once" and "Lucy", to ascend skyward.
Kamrath seemingly has no delusions about her craft. She focuses on flavouring her simple songs with minimalist textures and her unique emotional expressions to ensure the six songs here pull at the heartstrings without breaking anything.