Single Reviews - 14 November 2022 - moshimoshi, Nightly Gatherings, Grand Eugène, Harry Klein

moshimoshi - Soon 

emo rock

Finnish emo rockers moshimoshi return in stellar fashion with "Soon", a nostalgic cut of guitar-driven, passionately sung, and frenetic energy that is as charming as it is energizing. The guitar work here is especially lovely, with interplaying riffs rhythmically supplementing the skilful drums, though moshimoshi operates strictly as a unit, the concoction of different elements culminates in an emotive song with tons of character. 


Nightly Gatherings - New Beginnings

dream pop

There's an enchanting epicness to "New Beginnings", the new single from Californian electronic producer Connor Johnson, A.K.A Nightly Gatherings. Through a smooth and manifestly chilled-out mix of sounds, Nightly Gatherings blurs the edges of this essentially-pop track to create a vague, washed-out, vocally ambiguous, and modish song that surprises with its interesting rhythmic play and unsuspecting innocence. 

Grand Eugène - Celle​-​Là 

indie rock

The nostalgic sound of Quebecois outfit Grand Eugène is in top gear on their latest single, "Celle​-​Là". Marked by a funky bass line, shimmering guitar, simple but memorable melodies, sultry vocals, and pristine production, this tale of hot and cold romance creates a quintessentially Francophone and romantic vibe.  

Harry Klein - Accelerate 


Australian music producer Harry Klein creates a glitch-laden hinterland on his recent single "Accelerate", which sees immaculately produced elements coming together in a strange brew of robotic vocals, ever-changing temperaments, and a stylish sophistication that goes beyond the commercial sound it emulates.