n0transmission's Favourite Albums of 2022

10. Burs - Holding Patterns

Holding Patterns is a fantastically formed album by a band that knows how to find its natural rhythm. These songs psyche you out because Burs use traditional structures to hint at and often go to unique places; the melodies and moods make it a fruitful journey.

9. Asian Glow - Stalled Flutes, means


Asian Glow is the emo solo project of Gyungwon Shin from Seoul, Korea, who some may know from his work in the band Fog. His latest album, "Stalled Flutes, means", is a rebellious interpretation of emo rock, igniting sadcore sentiments with electronic production, odd sounds, and creative production techniques. Eschewing commercialism while remaining approachable, "Stalled Flutes, means" is a world unto itself, populated with highly characterised compositions and explorative styles of play. 

8. Jack Goldstein - The World Is Ending And I Love You


On "The World Is Ending And I Love U", Margate-based musician Jack Goldstein hosts a cast of collaborators to create a remarkably zesty concept album teeming with ideas, joy, and meticulous attention to detail that serves as an antidote to existential hopelessness. Though it may be a tad self-referential and sentimental for some, "The World Is Ending And I Love U" is a variegated reminder to love and live life to the fullest served on a veritable smorgasbord of sound. A-pop-calyptic.

7. Jean-Michel Blais - Aubades 

Quebecois neoclassical composer Jean-Michel Blais has been releasing his own brand of piano-focused instrumental music since his much-acclaimed debut Il came out in 2016. His third album, aubades, sees the composer rearrange over five hundred separate improvised piano pieces into an eleven-track mission statement on the beauty of spontaneity and the importance of a search for something more.

6. Katie Kim - Hour of the Ox 


Rhythmic in DNA, the nine alluring songs on "Hour of the OX" trod along in an engaging and refreshingly immediate way. In theory, this is experimental music. Katie Kim stretches everything out and fills the space with exotic sounds and rhythms, but it’s also so simple and could be accurately summarized as indie pop rock. There is a well of loveliness to be found on this album. From the complex opener “Mona” to the arpeggiated city pop of closer “Really Far”, one can drop their proverbial bucket many times and draw fresh water each listen.


5. Park Jiha - The Gleam


A stunning release from Korean multi-instrumentalist composer Park Jiha, The Gleam ruminates on the essence of light, that ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation that comes and goes as does the day and night. Performed entirely solo, the recordings feature instruments ranging from the glockenspiel to the saenghwang, a traditional Korean wind instrument. A magical and deserving listen from start to finish.  

4. Ben McElroy - How I Learnt To Disengage From The Pack 


Nottingham based musician Ben McElroy's "How I Learnt To Disengage From The Pack" doesn’t take long for its gentle finger stylings and emotive string work to hit you. Ridiculously lush tones hang in the air, before being threatened by a gnarly instrument I can only guess is an electric guitar, or a distorted accordion. But it doesn’t matter, the music is too precious to care about such details. Essential listening.

3. Henry Earnest - Dream River 


While not forgetting his 90's indie rock songwriting sensibilities, Henry Earnest has become more of a painter than a poet. The result is "Dream River", a sonically compelling and touching record, filled with intentional emotional depth and vulnerability. Ambiences, acoustic elements, and comely VSTs add depth to these tracks, but its Earnest's androgynous vocal performances that give the real character; teeming with personality and an idiosyncratic musicality. Dreamy.

2. Eugenia Post Meridiem - like i need a tension 


Eugenia Post Meridiem's sophomore album, "like i need a tension", is a motivational listen. However, it doesn't galvanize with cheap tricks but rather with its loose song structures, creative vocal techniques, and solid foundation of restrained rock music that leans towards a capricious funk/jazz amalgam bent on making you move. "like i need a tension" is an auditory autostereogram, which takes a while before shapes can be discerned. Thankfully, the group seem unconcerned about this, and those of us who stick around will discover a friendly, exciting, and rewarding thirty minutes of original art rock.

1. Maria BC - Hyaline 


The eleven songs on Maria BC's debut album "Hyaline" make beauty and mood paramount, enveloping the listener in a web of intoxicating escapism and beguiling musical experiences. Maria's songs straddle an invisible line between sea and sky, the fragility of their watery world breaking with pushes of optimism before plunging back into the comfortable and dark depths of emotion. "Hyaline" is a collection of songs that speaks of the most profound truths of the human experience; that life is confusing, painful, and even insufferable sometimes, but that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.