Single Reviews: 31 December 2022: Huts on Beaches, Imitate, Marco Bruno, Caroline Loveglow, Michael O.

Huts on Beaches - Leap 


Maltese duo Huts on Beaches comprise the electronic musicians Karl Gauci and Keith Bunce, whose adroitness in sculpting sonically compelling synthesized sounds can be found in full force on their recent offering, "Leap". Like the warm Mediterranean waters surrounding their island, the duo bring beauty to the fore with rising electronics, rhythms impossible not to dance to, and an environmental mix that draws you in and transports you somewhere alien and alluring. This track is perfect for your daily run, wild house party, or night drive. In each setting, you will be able to appreciate electronic music that feels naturalistic and full of life.

Imitate - Sleeper Wave (ft. Vinyl Williams)

indie rock

One of the most irksome things about journaling independent and underground music is that artists often write obscure biographies with little helpful information. Seemingly in an attempt to be mysterious or elusive, they spout utter nonsense, not even gracing listeners with their real names or musical background. It leaves bloggers like me needing to scour Instagram profiles for information that should be readily available. Such is the case for drummer Mason Griffin Macias, A.K.A Imitate, whose biography has this little golden waffle; "Imitate looks elsewhere, hungry, with an untrained gaze in which one can see the world reflected— the disappointments of setting are refracted and then kaleidoscopically purposed." It sounds incredible but means absolutely nothing. Thankfully for Imitate, his music is not hard to pin down; luscious shoegaze propelled by jazzy drums and too-cool-for-school instrumentation. "Sleeper Wave", featuring Vinyl Williams, is Imitate's first single to be released following 2022's full-length "Phantasmagoria" and is a dreamy, washed-out, and totally audacious psychedelic indie rock song that more than makes up for any unnecessary ambiguity in the press release.  

Marco Bruno - Crescendo


Italian bassist Marco Bruno has assembled a top-notch collection of musicians to join him on his recent single "Crescendo". The jazz track perfectly showcases Bruno's chops on the bass without falling back to dryly academic jazz notions. Instead, the collective effortlessly jams out around Bruno's steadfast and sultry licks, which rhythmically alternate between slick slides and harmonics, resulting in an exotic and transcendent musical journey that is full of delightful twists and turns; quieter moments of delicacy shifting towards epic passages where the sax blows the roof of the ensemble's tightly knit space. Coming in at just over seven minutes, the track is a comprehensive cut from his recent Beatles-inspired album "Come Together", which features a delectable reimagining of "Norwegian Wood".

Caroline Loveglow - Patience Etc..

alternative pop

Although released more than a year ago, "Patience Etc.." by Angelino artist Caroline Loveglow came into No Transmission's radar last week and proves to be a timeless and lovely testament to pop's often neglected ability to skew the atmosphere of the listener into something pleasantly otherworldly and inspiring. In a nostalgic blend of late 90s/early 00s alternative pop, Loveglow has the uncanny ability to create songs that are commercial but not cheesy, accessible but without forgoing their artistic-first sentiments. Instantly likeable, "Patience Etc" comes from Loveglow's self-produced debut album "Strawberry" and is proof of an artist operating off the mainstream grid. Her mixes might not be as polished as her contemporaries, but all the better for it; they are imbued with bucketloads of personality, soul, and panache. 

Michael O. - Japa 


American singer Michael O. explores his African roots through music, and the result is an infectiously upbeat and optimistic celebration of culture and life. Born in New York and raised in Maine, O. uses an Afrobeat foundation to build an opulent house of danceable grooves and colourful marimbas, all furnished with O.'s secret weapon, his solid and commanding voice, which asserts an air of authority and confidence as it enchants. Michael was born on January 8th, 1990, making him a Capricorn. Capricorns are known for their power, strength, and artistic abilities, and Michael's recent single "Japa", a taste of an EP coming out in 2023, demonstrates how he can be classified as a stereotypical Capricorn. So expect this Sea-Goat to climb to the top of the mountain in the near future.