Single Reviews: 16 June 2023: autumn girl cry, Prince Josh, Arliston, Loose Buttons, Marella

Photo by Krišjānis Kazaks

Autumn Girl Cry - She Listens to Girl in Red


Belgian bedroom pop artist Autumn Girl Cry delivers sweetly-sad slices of dreamy, low-key atmospheres. With reverbed guitars, captivating drum loops, and hazy vocals, her poetic lyrics create a captivating experience. Drawing comparisons to beabadoobee, Autumn Girl Cry adds her own touch of irreverence. In her recent single, "She Listens to Girl in Red," the artist showcases an offbeat and quirky manifestation of emotionally-driven songwriting and a highly stylized performance not commensurate with her 16 years; certainly one to watch out for. 

Prince Josh - The Glory


Toronto-based DJ Prince Josh sets the mood with lapping drum grooves, simple keys, metallic drum hits, and intoxicating vocal samples of vocalist Lauren Armstrong. From his upcoming album "Moth," Prince Josh expertly balances disparate elements and modest embellishments on the laid-back and sultry track, "The Glory." Demonstrating his musical prowess, this track is a captivating introduction to his forthcoming album.

Arliston - 451


London-based duo Arliston creates a captivating blend of glitchy electronics, subtle instrumentation, followable piano lines, and impassioned vocals. Drawing inspiration from the obscure beauty of Bon Iver and the vocal profundity of The National, Arliston labels themselves as "sad song specialists." Their recent single, "451," exemplifies their ability to craft emotionally impactful music with soft yet impressive delivery. With stunning vocals, memorable songwriting, and an offer of emotional companionship, Arliston leaves a lasting impression.

Loose Buttons - 99 Secrets

indie rock

NY four-piece Loose Buttons delivers a snappy and serrated helping of indie rock with their recent single, "99 Secrets." Composed of punchy rhythms, catchy melodies, and shredding guitars, the track exudes an irreverent coolness without feeling forced. Despite a two-year hiatus, frontman Eric Nizgretsky, a first-generation Ukrainian-American, approaches his craft with newfound perspective and optimism. "99 Secrets" showcases this renewed energy with its soaring key change and an earnest sense of optimism.

Marella - Marci 


LA-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Daniel Marella, known as Marella, presents an enchanting blend of shoegaze with his recent album "Posterboy." With ultra-effective waves of loud guitars, steady drums, and dulcet vocals, Marella crafts a cohesive serving of summery, feel-good, youthful pop. Beneath its West-coast sunshine and in-vogue intentions, "Marci" reveals a gritty edge, adding real depth to the overall sound.