Single Reviews: 17 June 2023: Left Iris, Auld, Fiona Fox, Flor de Lux, HAVVK

Photo by Leo Sokolovsky

Left Iris - Crash

indie rock

Multi-instrumentalist Dubliner, Left Iris, delights his listeners with breezy 90s-tinged acoustic folk rock verses and an operatic falsetto chorus on his recent single "Crash." The moniker of Finn O'Reilly, Left Iris' tightly-knit combinations of straightforward guitar pop merge with more dreamy sentiments on this summery and upbeat single, which features Charlotte Hatherley of Ash and Bat for Lashes fame on guest vocals.

Auld - I'm Exercising

indie pop

Stationed in Donegal, producer Thomas Pitts leads the anyone-welcome collaborative musical project, Auld. The recent single, "I'm Exercising," features vocals by Sere Trouble and guitars by Brian Wortman and is an irreverently jaunty, secretly beautiful, and drastically cool blast of down-to-business art rock that manages to fit a catchy chorus into its bohemian proclamation of dealing with ennui.

Fiona Fox - I See You


Castlebar-based alternative singer-songwriter Fiona Fox has only been making music for a little over a year now, but her sound is already highly stylized and full of skillful expression. This is likely thanks to her academic training. Though when Fox graduated from university with a degree in music in 2011, she decided to go traveling instead of putting the ideas in her head into sound. Her experiences gleaned from travel and her learned knowledge collide in a smooth wave on "I See You," the first single to be taken from an as-of-yet untitled album. The album was recorded in Fox's home studio with her husband Benjamin Fox, Jon Fox, and Gordon Cooper. While Gordon and Jon are based stateside, Fiona and Ben collaborate with them via the internet. The result is an oceanic, sweeping, and transportive helping of psychedelic indie textured with obscure vocal effects, loud instrumentation, and a commitment to mood.

Flor de Lux - Say To Me


Philadelphian alt-pop duo Flor de Lux traverse an electronic soundscape on their recent track, "Say To Me," which mixes emotive and characteristic vocals with highly anxious and alluring electronic production. A song about the often hard-to-accept finality of words, the duo explores the tribulations of spoken language with more ambiguous vocal and musical performances that leave one with an almost buoyount sensation.

HAVVK - Daylight Robbery

alternative rock

Dublin-based post-rock group HAVVK expertly judge how much sugar to add to their highly noxious blend of metal and indie on their recent single, "Daylight Robbery." Having been active since 2016, the group has developed into a polished (though not overly so) act with plenty of market viability while maintaining appeal to the underground. While there is certainly an element of drama in the group's explosive sound, it is driven by hard-to-fake and subtle aggression, ensuring this accessible and melodic rock has plenty of bite.