Single Reviews: 4 July 2023: Joh Chase, Casey Wells, Nicki Wells, McDead, Inude

Photo by Kushagra Kevat

Joh Chase - Another Lover


"Another Lover" is the intoxicatingly heartfelt new single from LA-based artist Joh Chase. Deviating from the textbook break-up song, a playfully upbeat groove, a reposed guitar, and irreverent vocals lament the emotional energy required to end and start new relationships. Recorded entirely solo, Joh Chase skilfully layers their voice and instruments with precision and bubbling intensity.


Casey Wells - Keep It Coming


From Charleston, South Carolina, multi-instrumentalist Casey Wells implements gentle instrumentation and melodically memorable songwriting on his recent single "Keep It Coming". While the sound teeters on the innocuous, there's a paranormal aspect of psychedelia to this otherwise straightforward tune. This single comes from the upcoming debut album "Impermanence", which Wells produced entirely solo. Such endeavours perennially suffer from liberal self-editing, though if this single is anything to go by, the album promises to be a cut above the rest.  

Nicki Wells - The Night

adult contemporary

A wonderfully human and textured voice greets the listener from the outset on "The Night", a floaty and dreamy single from the UK-based artist Nicki Wells. Having spent a portion of her youth in India learning meditation and classical music has lent her mournful compositions a sense of spiritual depth and comprehensive knowledge of the language of musical structures. This track may be overly cinematic and sentimental for some people's tastes, but those ready to accept this fine music will discover a colourful and emotionally stirring journey.  

McDead - Mir


Melbourne-based archaeologist Kevan Edinborough, AKA, McDead, unearths some haunting sound manipulations of cavernous proportions on his recent single "Mir". "Mir" means "Peace" in Ukrainian and Russian, and though there's nothing peaceful about this somewhat unsettling and kinetically haywire piece, there is a sense that change can bring about rest in the way oscillations intensify before ebbing away. "Mir" is presumably taken from his upcoming second album.

Inude - Keep Me Alive

alternative pop

Hailing from sunny South Italy, Inude is a three-piece group consisting of Giacomo, Flavio, and Francesco. While their names may be quintessentially Italian, their music is universal in its accessible-through-passionate appeal. Their recent single, "Keep Me Alive", straddles the fine line between commercial and experimental pop. The sugary vocal delivery is given grit with explicit language, the pleasant hardened with distortion. It's fitting for a song about finding strength in others during personal struggles. An assemblage of electronic sounds colours this purposeful track, though the snappy drums and appeasing vocals make it pop.