Single Reviews: 8 July 2023: Divorce Court, Bre Kennedy, Kip LaVie, Old Man Canyon, Black Hat

Photo by Markus Spiske

Divorce Court - Blindspot (feat. døves)


Divorce Court, the stage name of US artist Lynden Williams, collaborates with LA producer døves on the cathartic new single "Blindspot". With themes of accepting the self, the track calls for a connection to nature as an antidote to ennui ("I wanna go outside, I wanna be alive"). The vocal delivery may come across as painfully cool, but the intentions are genuine and wholehearted, and, despite the subject matter, they never veer towards the cringe, instead, they allure the listener with hard-to-fake emotions and honesty. Taken from the new album "Two Hours", which is out now.

Bre Kennedy - Meantime


There's a timelessly relatable emotion in Nashville-based songster Bre Kennedy's recent single "Meantime". Taken from her upcoming release, "Scream Over Everything (Side A)", this track investigates the importance of self-love in relationships without turning too forlorn. Instead, Kennedy creates an effervescent vibe through measured vocals full of sincerity, silky-smooth production, and songwriting that focuses on the melodically rich aspects of her expressions.

Kip LaVie - Almost Awake at Midnight


Portlander Kip LaVie mixes the natural and the digital on his recent single "Almost Awake as Midnight". A highly stylized mix ruminating around simple but mesmerizing synth lines, earthy percussion, subtle birdsong, and lo-fi keys, this single brings the listener to the liminal space between the earth and space, the natural and the artificial, through a deep-cleaning sonic bath of disparate sounds blending into one, always with an eye on creating a toned down but potent atmosphere.

Old Man Canyon - Out Of Reach


Canadian artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Jett Pace, AKA Old Man Canyon, may sound like a pastiche of Tame Impala's nonchalant coolness, but his romantic musings around pop instrumentation and candid, heart-felt lyrics feel unfeigned. His first single in four years, the spirituous "Out Of Reach", speaks of the complications of human relationships with subtle indifference laid on a bed of psychedelic-leaning music, full of strong bass lines, heavily-effected vocals, punchy drums, and swirling synthetics. It may not be the most biting take, but it doesn't need to be; its effectiveness lies in its cool composure.

Black Hat - Nite Tripper

psychedelic rock

There's a familiar groove to "Nite Tripper", the recent single from US upstarts Black Hat. Despite only dropping their debut single this year, the group sound deftly focused and in full control of their air-conditioned cool brand of psychedelic rock. Male/female vocals intertwine around a wordless melody and chugging backbone of rock that propels the track forward with a mysterious aura of calm that covers up the song's darker intentions.