Single Reviews: 26 August 2023: Tired All The Time, Ruud Voesten, Osopho, Gregg Garvey, Blanco White

   Photo by Alex Cooper

Tired All The Time - Formulae


Washington DC three-piece Tired All The Time propel their tightly polished brand of alternative rock with bittersweet melodies on their recent single "Formulae". Ultimately, the group dissects the frameworks of life we set up ("We've made countless things that feel unalive"), exposing the formulaes of the quotidian through affected falsetto refrains, rudimentary piano lines, and songwriting focused on and successful in occasioning emotional revelations.  


Ruud Voesten - The Crypto Shuffle

nu jazz

Dutch composer Ruud Voesten draws inspiration from the depths of hell on "The Crypto Shuffle", a blistering cut from the artist's forthcoming album Ambrosia. Based on Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy, "The Crypto Shuffle" features a playful jaunt that turns menacing with sporadic and manic blasts of histrionic improv. Featuring Mo van der Does on alto saxophone, Wietse Voermans on tenor saxophone, Koen Schalkwijk on grand piano, and Tijs Klaassen on double bass, Voesten lays out a foundation of sinisterly capricious vibes with drumming that rises and falls with intensity as the arrangements around them shift between moods of pain and pleasure.  

Osopho - Winged

experimental electronic

Emanating from the urban surrounds of Melbourne comes "Winged", a deliciously naturalistic-leaning electronic track from elusive producer Osopho. Throughout three-and-a-half minutes, Osopho mimics the whimsical chirping of exotic birds via the vintage Arp Odyssey synth, producing a sound that is warm and comforting and which gives the representation of birdsong a modern edge, much like a bird of paradise trapped between the skyscrapers of a metropolis. 

Gregg Garvey - Flora Laine 

alternative pop

Sporting a wonderful throwback sound, "Flora Laine" is an uplifting new single by Californian melody man Gregg Garvey. "Flora Laine" merges Beatlesque melodic richness with psychedelic undertones, and its dedication to creating a carefree but energizing soft rock energy pays off; the pastiche metaphor of seasons reflecting relationships delivered with jubilant confidence and a slightly cheeky grin.  

Blanco White - Silver Beaches

indie folk

Inspired by his time studying guitar in Spain and the charango in Bolivia, Londonite artist Josh Edwards, A.K.A, Blanco White, fuses Andalusian and Latin American music with more psychedelic British folk stylings on his recent single "Silver Branches". Taken from his forthcoming album, Tarifa, Edwards successfully balances direct, emotive singing with a more atmospheric, production-focused composition. The result is a song teeming with charisma and a beguiling invitation to escapism.