Single Reviews: 17 January 2024: Butterfly Bulldozer, Telling Secrets, Daisy Chute, Sarah Rose Shawcross, Hogie B

Photo by Luca Booth


Butterfly Bulldozer - BTF BDZ


French collective Butterfly Bulldozer make an intriguing and electrifying opening statement on "BTF BDZ", the first single from the group's debut EP. Though quite brutal in constitution, there's an alluring aspect to the group's unbridled sense of fun on this self-titled track. Straightforward rock riffs are shrouded in production trickery and galvanizing rhythms, all with intense energy. However, the group demonstrate their dynamic skills by mulling down to low-key alternative rock near the end of the track, highlighting their range and the juxtaposition of their raison d'etre; floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bulldozer. This storming single is an exciting sign of a fresh band and is available now through the Brussels-based Tempest of Noise label. 

Telling Secrets - Fall Behind


Fronted by songwriter and vocalist Vik Kovacs, Telling Secrets is an LA-based contemporary rock band whose audacious new single, "Fall Behind", has an emotively nostalgic sentiment behind its rollercoasteresque thrills. Despite being an impressively modern production with larger-than-life guitars, hard-hitting drums, and soaring vocal harmonies, "Fall Behind" is underpinned by its high-octane energy, introspective lyrics, and one hell of a catchy melody. Had this song come out in 2005, it would've played nicely beside the post nu-metal bands that populated stations like Kerrang! and MTV2. In today's world, it's more likely to be a source of nostalgia than something effortless or challenging, and any teenager who stumbles upon it from a playlist will identify with its theme of fitting in and the pitfalls of human relationships. 

Daisy Chute - Women 


Daisy Chute is a folk singer from the UK who draws inspiration from past luminaries to create her own unique and timeless songs. From the EP Maiden, Mother, Crone, "Women" is an expansive, rousing and empowering song with socially conscious lyrics about the struggles of being a woman. However, this song doesn't complain, aiming instead for a sense of solidarity, something achieved with Chute's powerful vocals and nuanced acoustic guitar playing. The track is filled out with an expansive backing band; limber drums from Emma Holbrook, airy piano from Michael Pearce, ruminative cello from Midori Jaeger, and incendiary violin from Elisabeth Flett. This full-band sound imbues Chute's quiet strength with harmony and edge, but not enough to distract from the power of the song. 

Sarah Rose Shawcross - Love I Never Wanted


There's a highly personable and natural aspect to "Love I Never Wanted" by UK artist Sarah Rose Shawcross, underpinned by honest and open lyricism, heartwarming songwriting, and an unpretentious singing style. While the subject matter is nothing new, Shawcross delivers her unique style of performance to the track. Despite the glossy high-end production, there's a feeling Sarah is sitting right across from you, pouring her heart out without reservation. For this reason, the track is easy to connect with, and while we can all relate to the universal theme of heartache and regret, Shawcross does more than just express, offering a therapeutic remedy to feelings of hopelessness with soaring melodies and mature self-awareness. It's no surprise that this track was the winner of the pop section of the Indie Songwriting contest, as Shawcross does more than simply display the skill of her craft, creating something as genuine as it is memorable. 

Hogie B - These Cravings  

hip hop 

Australian rapper Hogie B grapples with the deep subject matter of addiction on "Those Feelings" a blisteringly expressive single that folds in hip-hop beats, a spitfire rap style, and atmospheric electric guitar lines. More than anything, "These Cravings" balances the more acidic aspects of the rap with a melodic-heavy chorus, highlighting the conflicts of addiction and the rollercoaster journey towards recovery. There's also a distinctly Australian flavour to the song, not just because of Hogie B's accent, but in the expressive, barky nature of the delivery. "These cravings are making me hate me", sings the artist, exploring the effects addiction can have on our sense of self-worth. Such a heart-on-the-sleeve writing style encourages the listener to connect, creating a highly effective song that could be a beacon of light to those in a similar situation.