Single Reviews: 14 February 2024: Dark Dazey, Limandi, Breezy the Band, Jens Düppe, DOORTRI

Photo by Memories on 35mm

Dark Dazey - Junk

post punk

If you're on the hunt for invigorating rock guitar music, look no further than "Junk" by the Californian four-piece, Dark Dazey. Packed with jerky rhythms, this blistering single may not be the most straightforward lyrically, but it compensates with vocal performances full of biting attitude and subtle aggression. Guitar riffs pulse beneath manic proclamations, and the ultimately cacophonous blend of rock elements incorporates shades of synths. Despite this, everything is held together in a tightly-knit pressure cooker blast of metal-leaning post-punk. Dark Dazey's 2011 album, Howdy Blue, primarily explored ineffective shoegaze, but if "Junk" and the recent single "Gong Song" are any indication, their next release promises to be a different beast altogether.

Limandi - Hopin' You'll Be Fine

experimental pop

What begins as an innocent pop confessionalism on "Hopin' You'll Be Fine," a recent single by Swedish artist Limandi, transforms into a trancey psychedelia underpinned by Limandi's dreamy voice, subdued guitar and bass works, and meticulous mixing of various percussive and textural elements. Hailing from the Swedish countryside, Limandi's otherworldly music spans from accessible sentimentality to something more transportive and transfixing. Taken from the self-released album
Fuck.It, Limandi's "Hopin You'll Be Fine" serves as an excellent entry point into an album full of colorful arrangements.

Breezy the Band & Fever Deacon - Lemonaide

indie rock

"Lemonaide," a compelling song from the Oregonian outfit Breezy the Band featuring Fever Deacon, encapsulates a gritty Northeast US sound. Nirvanaesque melodies merge with a more laid-back, passive blend of emo-tinged indie rock. The rough and ready single boasts enthusiastic drumming, resulting in highly energetic fills and transitions. The song features a fade-out before a firework finale, providing a raw and passionate essence of a live performance. Amidst its sensitivities, there's a heightened sense of communication across this memorable track.

Jens Düppe - BIRDSZ


German multi-instrumentalist composer Jens Düppe captivates with the single "BIRDSZ." Playing all the instruments simultaneously, as seen in the accompanying video, Düppe delivers a famous-sounding instrumental electronic rock song. From the album
EGO_D, recorded in a similar one-man fashion, "BIRDZ" impresses with its straightforward melody, profound use of repetition, and focused execution. This piece inspires a moment of contemplation without wearing out its welcome or grates on the ear.

DOORTRI - Caesar


Proceed with caution into the sonic landscape of "Caesar" by Italian noise trio DOORTRI. The high frequencies in this track will pierce your eardrums like a needle to a balloon. Hailing from Vicenza, DOORTRI crafts challenging, brutal, and ear-shattering music, where loose and fluid acid jazz meets a wave of dog-riling high-pitched squeals. Taken from the album PFAS OFF, "Caesar" might be the perception-changing music you've been seeking, capable of jolting even the most stubborn listener into alternative planes.