Single Reviews: 23 February 2024: Point of Memory, TRMA & Malmö , Ema Sakura , Trancept, BLKGRYWHT

Photo by Caleb Woods

Point of Memory - Pro-Dread


Point of Memory is an experimental ambient project from Philadelphia, USA. The recent album, Void Pusher, is a variegated exploration of the human condition, folding in abstract electronica and a seemingly endless array of various sounds and glitches, amalgamed together with obvious care and dexterity. Perhaps the most instrumental cut from the album is the opener, "Pro-Dead", which spends nine minutes riding a wave of high-tension sonic sculpting. Featuring collaborator Filippo Tramontana on the French horn, this sprawling composition not only has elaborate textures, but a meditative quality that lulls the listener into an expansive netherworld of comforting tones.

TRMA - Get Away (Malmö Remix)


French artists Malmö and TRMA are cut from the same cloth, having developed their unique musical languages alongside each other for over a decade now. Frequent collaborations over the years have culminated in an effortless understanding and reinterpretation of the other's work, as evidenced by the recent split EP "TDF/Get Away". The premise is quite straightforward, two songs from each project are remixed by the other, resulting in a four-track, two-song release. From that collection comes Malmö's remix of TRMA's "Get Away", a breezy and sparkling clean remix that embraces spluttery percussion and glacial ambiences to stunning effect. At over seven minutes, there is ample time to get lost in the pristinely produced music, living up to its title and providing a springboard for escape. 

Ema Sakura - Tell Me


San Franciscan composer and producer Ema Sakura may be classically trained, but her brand of immaculately produced and deliciously glitchy bedroom pop displays little of the snootiness often associated with academic music. Her recent single "Good Either Way" has plenty to admire, from the lowkey ambient electronica vibrations to the nonchalant-yet-impassioned vocals, there is a true sense of place emanating from every second of this track, and while the images inspired are subjective and personal to the listener, the naturalistic environment created by Sakura's excellent restraint (something no doubt picked up from her classical training). From the EP "Good Either Way" don't be surprised if you hear "Tell Me" in a chewing gum commercial or on the stereo of your super-hip bohemian friend.  

Trancept - The Eversun 

ambient rock

Merging atmospheric guitars, steadfast electronic percussion, and sultry vocals, France's Trancept enrapture on the single "The Eversun", a dreamy and deceptively uncomplicated song that inspires a childlike sense of wonder in those who discover this relatively obscure French artist. Though imbued in an 80's synth-heavy sound a la Visage or The Human League, there's a modern sheen to the temperate vocal performance and accomplished guitar riffing, creating somewhat of a timeless song that could suit a wide array of moments; your morning run, a long train journey, a dinner party soundtrack, and profound moments of spiritual investigation would all be serviced well by this intoxicating single.  

BLKGRYWHT - Irreplaceable

pop rock

From Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, comes BLKGRYWHT, an alternative singer-songwriter whose work is steeped in the deeply spiritual aspects of the human experience and relationships. Her recent EP, Spectrum, is a fine 6-track collection of thoughtfully written songs with punchy, high-gloss production. From that EP is "Irreplaceable", an emotionally-fueled song that rises from confessional pop to melodically rich rock music. The writer here encourages the subject of the song to believe in themselves, no matter how strained their relationship, and when listening, one can apply the message to themselves and those around them, making for an ultra-relatable and exhilarating pop-rock extravaganza. More than anything, there's a radiant quality to BLKGRYWHT's performance, and positive vibrations are abundant among the dynamic music.