Abrasive Trees - Epocha

Acid Goose - Perpetual Torment

Allan Hill - Oxford

Ziggy Alberts - Dancing In The Dark

Asian Glow - Stalled Flutes, means

August, Yours Truly - Performance of a Lifetime


Tuulikki Bartosik - Playscapes

Meg Baird - Furling

The Birthday Letters - Yearning for Vitalists

Jean-Michel Blais - Aubades

Bodywash - I Held The Shape While I Could

Bondo - Print Selections


Burs - Holding Patterns


Cabbaggage - Microscripts 

Evan J Cartwright - bit by bit

Joao Ceser - BRZ

Cheeky - The Star

Compltr - You Won't Get A Gold Medal

Brendan Cope - if now we are in pieces

Michael Crean - Songs to the Sea


Dash Hammerstein - Time Travel - Hot Pretzel

Dday One - Mau Propria

The Dead Shakers - Some Shapes Reappear

Delay 45 - Flux

David Deutsch - Prism

Mac DeMarco - Five Easy Hot Dogs

Dimitris Kakavoulis Quartet - Curves

Disco Puppet - Love and Everything Depressing

Michael Donoghue - Fractals


Henry Earnest - Dream River

Ellery Twining - Revenge

Errunhrd - You Can Be You, I Can Be Me

EUGENIA POST MERIDIEM - like i need a tension


Fantømex - Terraformed

Rémi Fay - Funambulist

Filiah - For Someone

Ford Mustang - Solitaire


Gilboa - Quiet Sweet Nothings

Girondolini - Girondolini

Jack Goldstein - The World is Ending and I Love U


hangtime - BLOODSKY

Hank Tree - The Big North

Herodog - mt.hood

Hourloupe - Sleepwalker

Hourloupe - Three Night in the Wawayanda

The House Flies - Glimmer

Hulm - Do You Have A Minute?


C.M Jenkins - First Movements Along A Curve

Park Jiha - The Gleam

Jorge - Entre c​é​lulas

Josh Martin - Notes From The American Rat Race


Kalulu - Featuring

Nadia Kamrath - Confessions

Katie Kim - Hour of the OX

Key Out - afterville

Ralph Kinsella - In The Lives That Surround You

Klein and Jamison - Eight Paintings for Piano


Connie Lansberg - Deep Dark Down and Blue

Le Days - Stuck In My Head

Jakob Lindhagen - Memory Constructions

The Lonely Bell - Ghost Town Burning

Long Island - Infatuation's a Nightmare

The Loud Bangs - Salvation Memorial Hospital

The Loyal Seas - Strange Mornings in the Garden


Many Pretty Blooms - Bow & Clatter

Marína Ósk - One Evening in July

Ben McElroy - How I Learnt To Disengage From The Pack

Ryan McMurtry - Thoughts Like Birds 

Melting Palms - Noise Between The Shades

M(h)aol - Attachment Styles

Iván Muela - Monologues 


Nicole Saphos Band - Figure Eights

The Night Agent - Stars Above Us

Night Swims - Idle/Wild

Nutrients - Different Bridges


Oblivs - Managers

Katie Gerardine O'Neil - Into The Beyond

Oro Swimming Hour - Pterodactyl


Misha Panfilov - Repetitive Music Vol. 1

Paraphon - Anecdotes of Wired Minds

Parjam Parsi - Immeasurable Distance

Jack Phemister - Death Of The Close Minded

Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales - Consumed In Key

Pocket Fox - Birch Leaves

privacydied & jodimattiaccy - atrophy

John Puchiele - CHANGE

Pulse Park - Phonac Music 


Radagast the Brown - The More They Tell Me About You, The Less I Believe Them

Restless Mosaic - Made By Thawing Ice

Rogue Jones - Dos Beb​é​s

rooms - Don't Be Yourself

Ruins - Pure at Heart

Rushkeys - Outlook


Salt Money - Love of my life

Sam Himself - Never Let Me Go

Saun Santipreecha - Dandelye

Rachel Sermanni - Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea

Laurie Shaw - The Great Southern

Signal Quartet - Second Exploration

Sisyphes - Deviant Pop

Slime Lush - Custom Slaughter

Small Island Big Song - Small Island Big Song

Softaware - Molt

the soft form dissolves - Pattern Recognition

Soul Delivery - Foodcourt

Robert Stillman - What Does It Mean To Be American?

Sunhaus - Formations

Swamp Eyes - Something's In The Hall


Tag Cloud - Present Nature

Tanya Tagaq - Tongues

Claude Tchamitchian - Ways Out

Thane - The Algorithm Isn't Working

Time Room - Something New

Tracya - Mindflux


The Waeve - The Waeve

Wailing Urei - Is It Me? 

Brent Watkins - Distant Worlds

Welcome Strawberry - Welcome Strawberry


Yelmur - How We Hide


1 Rebel Nation - Porcelain

49 Burning Condors - Seventh Hymnal